Do I need a subpoena to get phone logs on my own mobi pcs account?

I'm trying to get my own phone logs but customer service said I need a subpoena to get it, even if its my own account? But online says no need.

Waipahu, HI -

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Robert K. Erlanger

Robert K. Erlanger

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - New York, NY

Attorneys typically mail or fax the subpoena to the wireless carrier's legal department and then we get a letter telling us what the cost of reproduction is. Forget customer service. Call the carrier's corporate headquarters and then ask to be connected to the legal department to find out the requirements to get your records.

Keola Aiona Siu

Keola Aiona Siu

Criminal Defense Attorney - Redmond, WA

If this if for a criminal case and you are represented by the public defender's office their investigator will take care of the subpoena process in coordination with your attorney if it is necessary for your case.

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