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Do I need a real estate attorney? Is it possible there was some error in my foreclosure?

San Mateo, CA |
Filed under: Foreclosure

My main question is around my 2008 foreclosure not showing up on my recent credit report. If the lender went through a legal foreclosure wouldn't it be required to show up there or in public record? Is there any law around when the foreclosure needs to be reported? I'm just worried now that it will show up now after 5 years and then take 7 years to get off my credit.(unless the 7 years to get off my record starts from the date of foreclosure)

Attorney Answers 2

  1. If your mortgage lender foreclosed in 2008, and your credit report does not reflect a FC derrogatory for this lender's line item, then it is unlikely they will ever report it. Did you have a BK during the life of the loan? That would prevent them from reporting any further info n the loan following a BK discharge.

  2. Yes it would also show up in the public records. Go to the County Recorder or contact a local attorney and have a title search run on the property. If they foreclosed there should be a Notice of Default, Notice of Sale and Trustee's Deed Upon Sale all of record in that general time period.

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