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Do I need a lawyer or could I get my DWI charge dumped on my own

Missouri City, TX |

I was pulled over for speeding after the police officer was done asking questions he tried to perform a field sobriety test, I refused following his pen with my eyes and also the breathalyzer test he than arrested me took me to jail to get a warrant for a blood sample, he than confiscated my gun it was in my car not on my person but I do have a CHL for it, I did not get a ticket for speeding was charged for DWI and unlawful carry of a weapon, what would be my next steps on fighting these charges and would I need lawyer or could I fight this on my own

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Of course you need an attorney. I don't see any grounds for dismissal on what you've stated here, so I'm not sure how you were planning on "dumping" the case. DWIs are technical cases. There are several ways to beat them if you know what you're doing. Even most attorneys wouldn't know what to look for--especially on a blood case. You need to hire an attorney who regularly goes to trial on DWIs. Hopefully your fifteen days has not expired to request your ALR hearing. That is the first step in your DWI defense.

On a side note, there is a specific statute that makes it illegal for a CHL holder to possess his firearm while intoxicated.

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Ms. Jaggers is correct. Get a lawyer immediately . . . you need one! If you delay, you may lose important rights to administrative discovery and other helpful information necessary to defend this matter. Also, remain silent and speak to no one. Everything you say, even on the Internet, can be used against you in court.


You need an attorney right away. You have a lot of legal issues and possible consequences you will need an experienced attorney to advise you on. As my colleagues have said, please do not reveal the facts of your case in this forum.


do you pull your own teeth, do all your own surgeries? This is more serious than either dental or surgery, because it will affect the rest of your life. You cannot fight a DWI charge and frankly many criminal lawyers can't either because it requires special expertise. Get an experienced DWI attorney


First, hire an attorney. Although you could attempt to defend this case yourself, you are likely ill prepared to prepare a credible defense. A criminal defense attorney would attack the alleged speeding infraction; even though you didn't receive a ticket it still gave the police probable cause to stop you, if the charge is credible. A trained DWI attorney would then attack the DWI charge itself.


DWI defense is a scientifically and legally complicated thing.

Just because you have a right to defend your own case does not make it a good idea.

Get a DWI defense lawyer.

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