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Do I need a lawyer in indiana or illinois to contest a will in illinois?

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my mother took her life 9 months ago, I never got along with her husband who is not my father, i know there is a will because my mother sent me a video message of who to contact in the event that she died. I contacted that lawyer in illinois 4 days after her death and he could not let me see the will without her husbands approval, I never seen the will and when I sent her husband a letter stating certain things I wanted, he responded saying that everything is gone and he waited 6 months. I never got anything and in my mother's video message there clearly is a will and a safety deposit box with more video's, I am her only child and I have not got anything of my mother's, what can I do?

My mother lived and died in Sandwich, IL, not sure what county that is.

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You didn't say where you mom lived at the time of her death. If she lived in Cook County, Illinois (for example) then I would suggest that you check with the Clerk's office in the Probate Division to see if a Will was filed for your mother. If there is a Will, as you believe, then the person holding the original must file it with the Clerk under Illinois law - they can not hide it once a person dies.

However, the bigger question, is whether you know what assets your mother owned at the time of her death. Did she own real estate? Was it with her husband (not your father)? Maybe you need to look at the record's in the recorders office to investigate that matter. Is the other property that she owned valuable or simply important to you?

Good luck in obtaining closure.

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