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Do I need a lawyer for wrongful termination? I have not been terminated yet.

Paris, TN |

I work at a healthcare facility, when I was hired other employees were surprised at this. Even though I have a good work history, 2 degrees and years of experience. Co-workers stated that our manager only liked to hire young women with a certain body type and would not hire men except to work the night shift.
When I got the call for employment I was told I would be working Monday - Friday 7:00-3:30. Dec. of 2013 I was told I had to work a different rotation or lose my job. Of course I took it. I was not happy about it but I came to work and did my job to the best of my ability . Now my manager says I have had numinous complaints against me, I have anger management issues, and he stated I had been rude to him and his wife ( who I have only seen a handful of times at work) .

I'm not a confrontational person, I try to avoid trouble. These accusations are untrue. There are no write ups or warnings on my record that I know of. I have asked to see the complaints and he will not provide these for me.

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You may want to consult in person with an employment attorney to get a careful evaluation of your situation. Your employer may not discriminate against you because of a protected characteristic (e.g., race, gender, etc.) or because you engaged in protected activity (e.g., filing a safety concern with OSHA). Otherwise, your employer has a great deal of discretion to manage its operation and work force as it sees fit.

My answers to questions posted on AVVO are intended to provide general information only, and are not intended to be legal advice. Employment law issues typically require a careful case-by-case analysis. Consequently, if you feel that you need legal advice, I would encourage you to consult in person with an employment attorney in your area.


I agree with my colleague here that management has broad discretion to schedule or discharge workers. From what you wrote, I did not hear any unlawfully discriminatory actions. With respect to your manager's comments, is there anything to it? Perhaps he was giving some constructive criticism and direction for you to improve. This may require a detailed conference with an employment law attorney in your area.

This information should not be considered legal advice or a legal opinion, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship. The information herein is general and for educational purposes only. A complete consultation, including review of facts and documents and research is required for specific legal advice or a legal opinion. You should consult an attorney for legal advice for your particular circumstances.



I was unable to give the complete description of what was said. In December when he gave the position to another person, I asked him why. He got angry started yelling at me that on one had ever question his authority. This last week when he stated I had 2 weeks to prove myself to him he also was very rude and forceful to the point of bulling. During the conversation I was not able to defend myself or get proof of any allege complaints.

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