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Do i need a lawyer?

Columbus, OH |

broke up with a boyfriend about a month ago. was calling/texting/emailing him to be friends which he took as harassment. found out a week ago i'm pregnant and that the baby had no heartbeat on the first ultrasound. the ex-boyfriend said he'd be there for any procedure that needed to be done. in the meantime i could not get a hold of him. he contacted a lawyer to find out his rights b/c he wanted me to have an abortion if there wound up being a heartbeat. he has also threatened me with a restraining order and filed a complaint at a local police station against me. what should i do? is there anything i can do?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You need an attorney. It is very likely that you will be charged with a criminal offense. If you have an attorney, he or she could contact the police for you to explain your side of the matter and perhaps avoid a future arrest. Most situations like this do not get better with inaction. Good luck.