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Ind. contractor w/long term contract, was issued a corp card approved for personal use to offset invoice. Bookkeeper/secretary did not enter properly, owner failed to review accounts and budget, I ended up owing money. I never signed anything re the corp card and all agreements verbal; continued with company for 9 months after error was corrected and balance discovered; after completing with company they want structured loan agreement for repayment. I can't afford structured repayment, due to offering discount to company from onset of contract and early termination of contract; I don't want to screw them over but I don't want to screw me over either. What should I do

Portland, ME -

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Pamela Koslyn

Pamela Koslyn

Business Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

You owe what you owe, and if you don't agree to a repayment plan of some kind that you can afford, they may sue you. Maybe you can work off some of the debt.

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