Do I need a disclaimer for a series of yoga cards I am creating for kids?

These are cards that teachers and parents will use to encourage kids to do yoga positions. They have photos of the yoga poses with a name and description. They contain "suggested" activities. I have looked at similar products that have no disclaimers. If I need one, what should it say? "Use at your own risk?"

Irvington, NY -

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Corey B. Rabin

Corey B. Rabin

Business Attorney - White Plains, NY

Thank you for contacting me with your question. While not something that is legally a requirement, it would be advisable to include language on the card to let users know there are risks and considerations to be aware of before following the instructions on the card. I looked at some sample approaches used by other online vendors and found a good example of thoughtful disclaimer language at the following link: In the event that you want to discuss this further, feel free to contact me at 914-948-2222 x101. Corey Rabin, Esq.

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