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Do I need a criminal defense attorney?

Carbondale, IL |

I have not been arrested or charged, but a warrant has been issued on a marijuana possession. What advice do you have on this issue?

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Representing yourself in court is not a good idea. Hire a criminal defense lawyer right away.

You have a right to a criminal defense attorney if you cannot afford one under the Sixth Amendment.

You need not speak to the police without your lawyer present under the Fifth Amendment freedom from self-incrimination.

If you were searched illegally and those search proceeds are being used against you, the Fourth Amendment protections may allow your attorney to move to suppress the evidence.

I hope these suggestions help you. God bless.


If you have a warrant you should make the bond and hire a lawyer. While it may seem like a rather minor charge, it could have long term consequences including affecting your future and your driver's license. (And, if there is a warrant for your arrest, you have been charged even if you have not yet been arrested.)

A lawyer will be able to determine the facts of the arrest and may even be able to get the evidence suppressed and the case dismissed. Otherwise, the lawyer may be able to work a deal which will protect your record and your future.


Yes, get one right away & do not talk /w anyone without an attorney.


You should hire an attorney under these circumstances. You have several important rights as a criminal defendant. An attorney could review the case for you and advise you regarding how to proceed with the case. You should not speak to the police without legal counsel.

Juan Garcia Jr.


When looking for an attorney, there are a few things I usually recommend. Find someone who not only practices criminal defense but someone who has handled similar cases to yours. Find someone who appears often in the courthouse where your case will be heard. Ask about their experience and familiarity with the judges and prosecutors there. Also, set up an initial consultation to determine whether they're a good fit for you. These things don't guarantee a result, but in my opinion they can give you an advantage. If you have further questions, feel free to give me a call. If you need a referral, I can recommend a defense attorney who should be able to help. 1-800-517-1614.

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