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Do I need a attorney to prosecute a drug dealer / daughters boyfriend. She died from a heroin overdose, in his house.

Asheville, NC |

Our serious concern is that the Sheriff’s department of Buncombe County NC is not going to do anything about the death of our 18 year old daughter.
July Shaun (daughter) moved out to Asheville. She lived in Arden with Jon D. Jon D was on probation in GSO with drug charges and was allowed to move to Asheville NC by the probation officers.
October 7th, she visited us in Oak Ridge NC and her supposed boyfriend visited Greensboro and obtained heroin with some known friends. We have those names. We have other friend’s names that are aware or involved as well.
October 8th she died of a heroin overdose. Jon Dyreng brought her to the hospital, unresponsive and she was later revived. They let him go. She died Oct 18th from the heroin overdose.
The county has not filed any charges against him.

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I'm very sorry for the loss of your daughter; I can only imagine the grief as I also have a daughter.

To directly answer your question, you would not hire an attorney to press criminal charges against those responsible. Prosecuting a criminal charge is the responsibility of the State. I would continue to stay after the local Sheriff's office insisting and potentially even demanding to know what they are going to do about this situation. Also you will want to contact the District Attorney's office and inform them of the situation. There are many times breakdowns in the communication lines between the police and prosecution. It may be something that was overlooked unfortunately. On the other hand, the Sheriff may have determined that there is not enough evidence to make an arrest in this case at which point there may never be criminal charges. At minimum, I would continue to contact the Sheriff's office as well as the District Attorney's office as this is potentially a very serious charge against those responsible.

On the Civil court side of things, you may very well have legal recourse against those responsible. I would recommend contacting a local civil litigation attorney to discuss those options immediately.

I wish you and your family the best in these very trying times.

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