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Do i have to tolerate a hostile workplace, i am being harassed on a daily basis, the supervisor is getting in my face.

Jersey City, NJ |

Yelling and screaming at me like i'm a child. There are threats of 100 men waiting in line for my job. A request for shift change to afford this person has been denied. I am having anexity, heart palpations. I have a family to support and need my job but not the destructive abuse.

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  1. If the extent of the harassment is simply the supervisor being a jerk, that wouldn't be actionable. If it is sexual in nature, or if you are being singled out for abusive treatment based on a protected class (race, sex, gender, religion, age, disability), you might have a claim. You should speak with an employment lawyer in NJ with specifics about the nature of the abuse.

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  2. I agree. Just because someone is a jerk, does not mean they or the company can be sued. If you cannot get a shift change away from this person, why not try looking for a new position, internallly or with a new company.

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  3. Are you a woman? I ask because of your bosses threat that there are 100 MEN waiting for your job. The law in NJ doesn't protect you from a boss who is being mean to everyone. It protects you from a boss who is singling employees out on the basis of their gender, ethnicity/race or disability.

  4. What is motivating your supervisor to treat you in this way? You may have a case depending how you answer this quesitons. Go see an employment law attorney ASAP.