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Do I have to show up in court being a tourist? Or go to jail for owning money?

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Me and my family live in Brazil,My father took a trip to Florida and This rental car company, after he go outta state, are charging him $418 dollars. They said if we don't pay it, they'll take a legal action against my father. There was a contract with Hidden clauses and it says that he cannot go outside of the state, But my father doesn't speak English, and nobody told him that! There was no contract in Portuguese (Our First Language) or Spanish that could help him. Now they manager keeps calling me and saying that, if we don't pay him, they will take a legal action against my father because of the $418 dollars! is this right? If they take a legal action and my father can't show up in court because he's a tourist, what happens? Is him unable to go to USA? I don't know what to do!

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Of course they can take legal action. Anyone can sue for what they believe to be a breach of contract. Just because they can sue does not mean they will win or are correct. I doubt that they can actively prevent your father from leaving Florida simply because of their contract. Perhaps the contract did not allow taking the rental car out of the state?

The question here is what kind of legal action do they mean. If they mean filing a civil lawsuit then no one can prevent that from happening and it will have to be dealt with in court. If they mean calling the police and having criminal charges then your father should absolutely not speak to the police and must invoke his right to remain silent. If this is a dispute over a contract and the car was returned then it will likely be a civil matter.

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