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Do i have to report my juvenile record on a new job application? It ask have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Saint Paul, MN |

When i was 16 i shoplifted at a department store in Saint Paul, MN. It was a petty misdemeanor. Now i am 19 and i filling out job applications. Do i have to check yes i have convicted a crime on job applications now?

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No, for two reasons. First, you were a juvenile and your juvenile record is not reportable as a crime under the scenario you described (for reasons too complicated for this question, I will not discuss when/how a juvenile adjudication can become an adult conviction). Second, your offense was a petty misdemeanor which is not a crime. You can check the box "no" on the application form.



Thank you Kevin for answering my question. So if an employer needs to conduct a background search on me, will that offense show up?

Kevin Wade DeVore

Kevin Wade DeVore


It will not show up.


Check no. Under MS 609.02, s.4a a petty misdemeanor does not constitute a crime:


In Minnesota, a "petty misdemeanor" conviction is not a crime, not is it therefore a "criminal conviction." For adults, however, they generally are public record. Juvenile, non-felony records are generally non-public, and should not show up on a normal background check. In this situation, there was no "conviction of a crime," since a petty misdemeanor is "not a crime."


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