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Do I have to report an 27007vc infraction to my probation officer?

Ventura, CA |

Last night I was pulled over for loud music (27007vc). The officer gave me a ticket and also gave me a DL310 form. Which means my license is suspended right? By the way I have a previous DUI conviction that happened 1.5 years ago when I was 19 years old now I am 21. I am still on formal probation for that because that's the only probation Ventura County sets you too. I have been paying my fees on time and reporting every month to my probation officer by writing. Does this infraction of the 27007vs violate by probation? Should I report it to my PO? Could this possibly alter my suspension? I am now only 3 months from getting my license reinstated. Could this possible affect it?

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The terms of your probation which should have been furnished to you in writing dictate what you need to report to the probation officer. Many probation terms you require you to report any law enforcement contacts. The citation and the notice of suspension would constitute law enforcement contact. If you have a doubt about your obligations, you should request a copy of the terms of your probation. The infraction charge for loud music, even if resulting in a conviction, would not provide a basis for violating your probation as generally infraction convictions, absent some other violation, cannot provide the basis for violating your probation. It is unclear why the officer did not cite you for driving on a suspended license, if you were driving and your license was suspended. If you are convicted of driving on a suspended license this could result in violation of your probation, an additional period of suspension, and other consequences including potential requirement to install interlock device. Even without a conviction, your probation terms likely include that you not drive unless validly licensed and insured, so driving while not licensed could be the basis for a violation of your probation. You should probably obtain the copies and consult with an attorney.

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If you were represented on the misdo DUI, call that attorney about the impact of infractions in Ventura. The suggestion is because I am generally a cautious person though I do not believe infractions are the basis for a VOP. The diving , though not cited for it, may well be.

The above is not intended as legal advice. The response does not constitute the creation of an attorney client relationship as this forum does not provide for a confidential communication.

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From a legal standpoint, your responsibilities will be spelled out in your probation terms or in the statements made to you by your probation officer during your first meeting. From a relationship standpoint where you are attempting to build trust with your probation officer, I would err on the side of contacting him and explaining the situation. Most likely it would be considered a minor offense not worthy of further notice but you would show him that you are being up front about things.

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