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Do I have to pay support for a child past the age of 18?

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I am currently paying child support for two children, ages 19 and 20. Two years ago, I attempted tohave the order terminated for the eldest, and was told the mother had requested a 5 yr, extension. When I inquired as to why I hadn't been informed, I was told that the support agency had no responsibility to inform me. This child was attending a CEP school at the age of 14, and dropped out at 16. Where she lived from house to house. Her mother left a voice mail at the time confirming she had
put her out of the house. When she was arrested at the age of 18 she was ordered to complete the CEP program, and graduated at 19. Do I have a right to be informed if the custodial parent requests an extension? Can I request proof eg.a copy of the admission letter on the school's letterhead?

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A parental duty of support is owed until a child reaches 18 or graduates from high school, whichever events occurs later. However, where the child is physically or mentally disabled, unemployable, or otherwise unable to support himself, a parent's duty for support may continue. The burden is on the petitioner to prove that the adult child satisfies one of the aforementioned exceptions.

I don't understand what you mean by a "5 year extension". If you think your child support obligation should be terminated or modified, file a petition with the family court.

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