Do I have to pay parking tickets if I am a victim of identity theft for a car I NEVER owned? I am in Chicago, IL

Asked over 1 year ago - Chicago, IL

Currently for a car I own I am in the process of paying for impound and a boot my for non payment for two tickets I am aware of and is my fault yet when I called the city to inquire about paying to get my car out and pay for the ticket and fees the person told me that under my license I have tickets for a car I never owned but it was under my name but the address for the tickets I never received in the mail was similar to mine but one number was left off. I have a history of identity theft (credit cards, income tax were stolen two times! ) and reported it to the credit bureaus and have police reports but I havent acted on this situation yet what should I do? How should I handle it by the date of the tickets I am beyond the 21-day contest deadline...

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    Answered . you need a lawyer. The city will steamroll you.

  2. Answered . Why have you not addressed this situation yet? From your statement, it appears you are more experienced at dealing with identity theft than most people. In this situation, you really should hire an attorney to help you get through the sea of red tape.

  3. Answered . I never seen any successful cases of disputing such instances pro se. That being said, even with a good counsel the procedural and legal obstacles that you face are very challenging. I suggest finding a willing attorney to look into your matter, yet, as I see it, the legal fees which will accumulate may not be worth pursuing that route.

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