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Do I have to pay full retainer to lawyer if I cancel his services?

Homosassa, FL |

I paid $1500. towards a $3500. retainer for a divorce and met once with the lawyer for approximately 1 1/2 hours. I sent him a certified letter 2 weeks later that we were reconciling and I no longer needed his services. Nothing was done in that 2 week period regarding my divorce. Do I still have to pay the balance of $2000. of the retainer? This is in the state of Florida.

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  1. The answer to your question may lie in the written retainer agreement or letter of engagement that accompanied the payment of the first part of the retainer. If none, then it would be reasonable to expect an accounting for the attorney's time (and be aware that some services have been performed in addition to what you were present for, such as file-opening) and return of the unearned portion of the retainer.

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  2. As has been stated previous, without more you cannot get a straight answer.

    You need to look at the retainer itself: was it a flat fee retainer? Was it hourly? Under certain circumstances your change of heart may not play in determining whether or not the money was owed.

    I would suggest that you first carefully read the retainer and thereafter call your attorney.

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