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Do I have to pay alimony to foreign national wife (philippines) who has never lived in the US? How much and for how long?

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I'm military, but was not at the time of marriage. We were married only 2 years ago. However, we only spent 2weeks together and haven't seen each other since. I've sent her part of my BAH as required by the military since I've been enlisted.
Originally she agreed to the divorce with no issue. I sent her the paperwork, but now she has sent it back "contested". She is requesting alimony for $700/month.
However, after the divorce I will not be receiving that BAH payment amount. Is it likely that a FLORIDA court will award her some sort of alimony?
Doesn't she have to prove the necessity of such alimony that she's requesting? And how is likely to do so if she has no possible way of appearing before the court?
I'm station in South Korea, but already had a 1st court date scheduled for May 22.

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Under Florida law it is extremely unlikely that you will have to pay her any alimony. Under Florida law, alimony is decided upon a spouse's need for alimony and the other spouse's ability to pay. But before that is even looked at, a spouse is eligible for alimony if they have been married for at least 7 years. Considering that you have been married for only 2 years, your spouse will not convince a Florida court to order that you pay alimony. That being said, certainly she can make the request and her lawyer can try to get you to agree, but it is unlikely that the court would give her alimony.

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