Do I have to pay alimony in Alabama - we both worked all 20 yrs of marriage, she has an associates degree & makes similar pay?

She has more education, but when I left, after years of begging her to change her negative, mean spirited attitude, she quit her full time job for a part time job with less pay that will eventually be full time with equal pay. She is trying to say I deserted her & was adulterous, which is not true. She left our house after not paying for many months & got a more expensive apt & storage unit for other items. She dropped her car off on my door to stick it to me & bought another car. She is obviously trying to stick it to me but my current attorney says she will take half the retirement & deserves alimony. I pay child support. We have made nearly the same our entire marriage until her quitting now. She has more education. I cannot even afford what she is asking. She is not compromising.

Birmingham, AL -

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Lois R Beasley-Carlisle

Lois R Beasley-Carlisle

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Birmingham, AL

Your current attorney is in a better position to analyze your situation than an attorney you are asking for advice from online who has not been involved in your case. That attorney would be more apprised of the facts of the case than any of us could be. If you are not happy with the attorneys advice, you need to sit down with your attorney and talk to your attorney about your feelings and why. Even If you trust your attorneys recommendations, you can always try the case and see what the judge awards and make sure that you prove what you are setting out here in the trial.

There are many factors that can affect how best to handle this matter and the best advise is usually to hire an... more

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Divorce is the process of formally ending a marriage. Divorces may be jointly agreed upon, resolved by negotiation, or decided in court.

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Alimony is the regular monetary allowance one ex-spouse may be required to pay the other after a divorce.

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