Do I have to have adequate rooms for timeshare with my kids?

Asked 4 months ago - Tampa, FL

Child Support is killing me but that is not going to stop me from seeing my kids. I have moved back to Florida to handle my CS court hearings/ modification hearings. I am currently living with my mother in her studio until next month. Two of my 5 kids come over every weekend. When I move Il probably be able to afford a two bed. Anywho my question is - Is there a requirement for the amount of rooms for time-share with my kids. The mother of the other 3 live out of state at her Grandparents. Her and the kids sleep in the same room.

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  1. Daniel Lenghea


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    Answered . There is not a set square footage or room number guideline. However, the courts, if your spouse will file a motion to say that you do not have adequate space will look at all circumstances and make a determination whether the space is adequate.

    You should not despair, things will get better for you. Remeber that very few live in palaces where each person has its own separate room.

    Best of luck.

    Daniel Lenghea

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  2. John Arthur Smitten

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    Answered . so long as it is not a code violation of some sort, then tight quarters still mean you can see your kids.

  3. Robert Jason De Groot


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    Answered . Yes, you should concern yourself with adequate space for the children. No, as to a set number of rooms.

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  4. Garth R Goodman


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    Answered . I have had cases where the children sleep in sleeping bags for the weekend in the living room and the parent still was afforded weekend and holiday timesharing. As long as you have food, electric, and running water and can otherwise meet the basic material needs of the children, I do not believe the amount of space you have is relevant. If you were seeking substantial timesharing during the school year, then sleeping in a small space may become more relevant to the issue of the children's best interests and any disruption this may have in their school schedule. Again, however, I see no problem with weekend timesharing in your studio apartment assuming you can meet the basic material needs of the children.

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