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Do I have to have a relative in the state i want to transfer my probation to?

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I am on formal probation. I am on the lowest form of probation, so I've been told. I only need to check in to probation once and then never again. I don't even have a probation officer. I am trying to transfer to Pennsylvania for college and also my fiance and i have a house out there. Do I need relatives out there still or do his family count as mine? Also, do I have to have a job or is college a good enough reason to move? My fiance has a job lined up and we already have a house so Im supported. Do I have a good chance of getting transferred? What else should i do to up my chances?

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  1. You don't need a relative. All you need is permission from California and permission from Pennsylvania. the fact that you are going to college is good and so is the fact that you own a house. These are questions that should be addressed to your probation officer as that is who is going to be making the decision. Paying off any fines and handling any other obligations, such as community service, would also be helpful. Good luck to you.

  2. You should check with the Probation Department about your options. The most difficult means to transfer your probation is to seek Interstate Compact, where Pennsylvania agrees to monitor you. This is often a time intensive process with little prospects of success unless you were already a citizen of that state at the time of your conviction. An easier method is to have your grant of probation further downgraded to "summary" status. Normally that status is restricted to misdemeanants, but judges will consider it for deserving probationers. Finally, depending on whether or not you've completed all programs and paid all fees and fines, you may be eligible for early termination of probation; in which case the need to transfer probation would be moot. I've been a defense attorney in North County for a number of years and am experienced in handling your type of situation. Please feel free to call my office to further discuss your situation. Good luck.

  3. If you are on unsupervised probation, sometimes called court probation, you can go where you want to go and live where you want to live. You must pay any fines, fees and restitution but you can do that from PA. As the court should know where you are living I would send a registered letter to probation giving them your new address. Im my opinion, it is only in cases of supervised probation that you need to get the permission of the state you want to move to as well as CA's.

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