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Do I have to have a blow and go to drive legally?

Kennewick, WA |

I have got two DUI's in the past. It has been 4 maybe 5 years since the last one. I took two years of alcohol class's. Currently my license is suspended do to unpaid tickets that I am currently trying to get pulled back into the courts from collections.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Yes you will have to have the Ignition Interlock installed on your vehicle. First you get through the suspended period of time you are served during which you can't get a license. And during this period of time you pay off your fines. If the time of suspension is up then all your have to do is pay off your fines and then you can work on the license which will be a IIL (Ignition Interlock License) Call DOL for details or go on their website and search it out. Good Luck and DON'T drive until you have a license and insurance or you will be in more trouble and have license suspensions.

  2. Checking you license status with the DOL is the easiest way to get definite answers and time periods related to your license.

  3. First DUI is 1 yr of IID, 2nd is 5 years, 3rd is 10 years. DOL will not take off the IID requirement until you show 4 months of compliance, so if you haven't had it for at least 4 months, you probably need to have it. Call the DOL and ask them to know for sure.

  4. Follow this link to find out all of the requirement to reinstate YOUR license:

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