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Do I have to give my childs father visitation rights?

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I started seeing this guy and a short time later, I got pregnant. Then I find out hes married. He wanted me to get an abortion so his wife wouldnt find out but I wouldnt. He wasnt there for me whole time I was pregnant. I did not put him on the birth certificate. Now that shes born, him AND his wife decide they want to be a part of my daughters life and get visitation rights. I dont want to. Not only because I have harsh feelings towards him, but because Im scared of how she will be treated esp from his wife. And I just dont want to have my daughter grow up in this situation. I know I did it but I wouldnt have if I knew he was married. Id sooner raise her myself and have no support or anything from him. Can I do that?

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I think it would be a mistake to give up the support that your daughter will need some day. How will you explain to her that she cannot go to college because you gave up her money? You can always put it in a college savings account, where it will grow tax free.

As to parenting time, the court in Coldwater is inclined to grant standard parenting time. Seek out an experianced family law attorney in Coldwater, such as Ms. Ives, and try to minimize the parenting time based on near abandonment.

One way or the other, there is no close link between parenting time and child support. You cannot sell children, as a judge once explained it to me.

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First you need to be aware if you ever try to get state support for the child, the government will then go after him and then he will have rights. I hear all the time I don’t want the other person’s help, and then want the state’s help.

So long as you do not ask for state help and neither you or the father go to court, you have all the rights.

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