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Do I have to evict someone if they are not on my lease and money does not pass hands?

Atlanta, GA |

I am in a situation in which my brother and sister in law have overstayed their welcome. They have been staying with me since February and I want them out. They are not on my lease, so I know that legally they are not supposed to be here.

I have dealt with a similar situation, with someone else, where I was told by several lawyers in Atlanta that I can have them removed by the police, but when I called the police, I was told that they were defacto tenants, which does not make any sense, considering in order to be a tenant, you either have to be paying rent and/or have a lease. The police refused to even look at my copy of the lease so I do not know what to do. I am afraid that I am going to be evicted if I don't get them out.

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Your brother and sister-in-law are guests. The police didn't want to get involved. Family quarrels are always difficult. If you cannot work out a deal, you may have to go to court. Talk to a local lawyer about that.

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