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Do I have to be supervise in my visitation?

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this is the MINUTE ORDER say

Court makes the following orders
1. The exchanges of the minor child shall be by a professional supervisors/monitor
2. parties shall split the costs 50/50
3. Neither parent is to be present at the same time of the exchange.
4. The restraining order shall be amended to strike "brief and peaceful contact"
5.Courts make no change to the visitation schedule for the father
6. Once father meets both previously ordered requirements of the DVRP 26 week program and 1 yr of counseling w/ release from his therapist, visitation shall be increased Thursday - Sunday. Ftaher is to provide proof of completion and a release from his therapist

>>> continue of the order in ADDITONAL INFORMATION

COURT MAKES FOLLOWING ORDERS 7. Parents are free to make any changes to visitation plan based 8. CURRENT ORDERS REMAIN IN EFFECT REGARDING the domestic Violence restraining order until the amended restraining order after hearing is recieved by the court my question is DO I HAVE TO BE supervised during my visitation also? or only exchanges is supervise by professional? The other party saying I have to be supervise in my visitation, but the court order nothing say about that. the attorney of my ex wife made the amended restraining order and they put to supervise my visit also, but in minute order which the court makes it doesnt say I have to upervise, but it say only exchanges what should I do?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. What you show here does not require you to have your visitation supervised. There is a prior order that is "unchanged", so check that one. It appears that only the exchanges are to be via a supervisor, which implies that the other times are not supervised.

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