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Do i have to answer if police call?

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So I walked into a massage parlor. a women in the front room asked if i was there for a massage. i said yes. she then asked for my ID, and said she was a cop. the police were there doing a post raid investigation. she took my license, wrote down my info and asked for my phone number. she asked if i had been there before and i said "once". she said not to worry, i wasnt in trouble and that someone would call me to interview me about the time i had been before to assist in their investigation. she said to be honest when they call. I did not say anything to them while i was there except for responding with "ok" when they said stuff. then they said i could leave. and then i left. So if they decide to call me.....can i just ignore the call? i dont want to talk to the police.

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No you can refer them to an attorney. If you ignore the call, they may come see you, thinking you're interested is speaking with them and aren't represented.

Say nothing further on this or any other social media site, and retain an attorney. Your comment on social media sites can be considered admissions.

Feel free to call and discuss.

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You dont have any obligation to speak with the police, but as Attorney Bonanno said if you ignore them they may try even harder to find you and speak with you. If you can afford an attorney hire one to tell them you are not going to speak with them. If you can't then tell them that yourself ewhen they call but police are very good at getting to people to talk even when they don't plan to do so. Good luck.

This is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. It is absolutely NOT legal advice that you should rely upon when making a decision. It is general information about the law in Connecticut. You need to consult with an attorney who will ask you all the facts necessary to give you specific legal advice for your situation.


I agree with Attorneys Bonanno and Black. You should talk to an attorney and refer any police questioning to that attorney.
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