Do I have to accept aftermarket parts for a vehicle repair?

A driver hit me and has admitted fault. I would like to get factory parts, not aftermarket parts (my car is a Saab). The estimate is priced for aftermarket parts. Do I have to accept this? Thanks.

Scottsburg, IN -

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Jonathan Eamon Spodnick

Jonathan Eamon Spodnick

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Trumbull, CT

My quick research indicates that you should check Title 27 Article 4 Chapter 1.5 covering Auto Repair Claims Service of Indiana Statutes. You can also find the answer by contacting the state insurance commission or department of Indiana. Each state has its own insurance regulations regarding various issues. There is most definitely a regulation in Indiana which will answer that question. There is probably a person who deals with repair regulations at the State insurance commission who can easily answer your question. Usually a local reputable body shop will also have experience in dealing with this issue since it arising repeatedly. I don't think you need to hire an attorney and you could also speak to the adjuster handling the repairs and ask them to provide you with the authority which they claim permits them to use aftermarket parts.
I would check the above regulation as I think it will put you in the right direction. Good luck.
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