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Do I have the right to withhold visitation or have supervised visitation from my childs father?

Cape Coral, FL |

My childs father is dating and semi-living with a convicted felon for abusing her own children among many other drug charges. Do I have the right to withhold visitation or demand supervised visitation if I fear that he will bring my son around her? What are my rights as the custodial parent? I am still awaiting my custody appointment with my local legal aide office and do not know what to do until then.

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  1. I cannot tell you to violate a court order regarding timesharing. If you have a real fear that your child will suffer harm if put in this situation, do what you think is right. One thing I can tell you is DO NOT just withhold timesharing and take no court action. You need to bring this immediately to the court's attention. Call the legal aid office, speak to the lawyer who is handling your case, explain to them the situation and hopefully they will agree to act on this sooner as opposed to later. good luck.

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