Do I have the right to watch the Police officer's dash cam of my case.

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well the Officer that cuffed me wasn't the officer that arrested me. also i was outta my vehicle and then a pull over was intiated. They calm they activated their emergency lights before hand i would like to watch the dash cam to see if that is true.

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    Answered . You have a right to inspect all evidence the State intends to use against you as part of the discovery process. You should already have a lawyer. Ask him or her about this evidence. Keep in mind that recordings can be "lost" if you don't move quickly to secure their preservation!

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    Answered . If there was a dashboard camera, your attorney will be able to get the recording. The agencies in your area do not all have those cameras. They like to be able to say what they want without an independent record of it. I practice criminal defense in your area, so feel free to contact my office to make an appointment to discuss representation.

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    Answered . No question about it. I represented a guy a couple years ago who had so much alcohol and drugs in his system, I was embarrased to be representing him because he could have hit another car instead of a telephone pole. I ended up getting every one of his charges dropped which was nothing short of a miracle, by my point is, yes, you absoutely get to see the dash cam. Reason I thought of this story was the dash cam in my guy's case was so hilarious, it was just impossible to conceive that he not only didn't go to jail, but had the charges dismissed. I loved watching it so much it took over The Big Lebowski as my all time favorite movie. But, whomever said you need to get it quickly is correct. I don't trust the poice ONE bit when it comes to anything and I was basically their boss for the 5 years I served as a prosecutor! They lie, exagerate...anything to make their arrest seem valid. And bc of that experience, I can tell you what they will do and, furthermore, what the state is actually looking for, as far as your punishment. and if there is single thing on that recording, assuming there is a recording, that makes them look less than awesome, it's probably aready gone. I guess I don't understand why you don't already have an attorney, at least a Public defender to answer these questions for you. Do you have an attorney? Listen, I only answered this question to add to my colleagues' opinions, and because I knew the exact answer because I have been in this exact situation before, not to try and get a client out of it. But, if you click on my name, it will take you to a place where you can get my email. If you send me an email, i will give you my cell # if it is something you want to hear about today. Because I am working today. I will talk to you about it for free and you can decide where you want to go from there. It's your call, bro. But it's not everyday you're going to get a lawyer to offer you a free consultation on a Saturday. Either way - best of luck to you.

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    Answered . Your lawyer should get a copy, not just for this but other aspects of the stop.

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