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Do I have the right to sublease my portion to other, even if one of the tenants disagree?

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I want to sublease my portion of the rent to another guy who is financially stable, decent, but the other tenant with whom I am staying(2 bedroom) is not allowing me to do as we had some issues previously. We are 4 people and the other two guys had no problems. This guy want to trouble me and not letting anyone for a sublease. My contract AFAIK doesn't speak anything about sublease. I can forward that if needed. DO I have a right to sublease my portion even if he's disagreeing? My landlord is also neutral in this case. She agreed to sublease initially, but when this guy told something, landlord told me to solve the issues and I can forward the sublease papers. What should I do here? Can I fight against my tenant and sublease my portion to other as I am running out of money? Please help me.

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  1. This is a very tough matter as there is no case law on this. Typically it is the approval of the landlord that you need. It sounds like the landlord will approve if all co-tenants approve. It also sounds as if you will not be able to pay your share of the rent much longer.

    You need to sit down and meet with your roommates and make sure they understand that if they don't agree, they may have to pick up your share of the rent. I assume you plan to move out once the other person comes in.

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