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Do I have the right to file a complaint against my lawyer if I've been lied to many times throughout my case, misinformed .....

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more times than not on a variety of different topics, have been charged thousands of more dollars than my husband has been charged by his attorney in the process of our divorce, have been misguided in every different way possible, have been given horrible advice in what choice to make @ crucial times when I've needed him most, have ended up pretty much living from place to place with nothing after making the choice to be the one who would move out of the house & only because my lawyer told me @ the time the minimum amount of SS I was going to get per month was $3,700 & I believed him & now stands he's wrong, he did nothing as my hus closed acct's like IRA, sav, etc spending it all w/ me telling him, I'm 20k down to atty & lost out on 200k due to atty advice, do I have a ligit complaint

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  1. In most jurisdicitons, an attorney had a duty to zealously and diligently represent the client. The failure to do so can, at a minimum, constitute a breach of that duty. Additionally, if it can be shown that the attorney clearly gave erroneous advice under the law, and failed to properly protect the client's financial insterests, there arguably is a ground to claim malpractice if you can prove what monetary damages you actually suffered due to the erroneous advice. To start with, if you have had these feelings about your attorney for a long time, you should have changed lawyers and should still do so. You should also contact the Court and find out if they have a "fee dispute resolution program", if you think you were overcharged or otherwise wrongly billed. good luck.

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