Do I have rights as a tenant to file a legal complaint about the time of the trash pick up at my apartment complex?

The dumpsters that are located directly in front of my townhouse in a large complex are emptied on Monday, Thursday and Friday at 5am. I've tried wearing earplugs and keeping the windows closed, but the trucks are so incredibly loud and disruptive I cannot sleep through the noise. On Friday the dumpsters are basically empty from pick-up the day before. It seems unreasonable to me that my sleep should be disturbed 3 times a week for trash pick up. The disruption of my sleep is effecting my mood and ability to function at work. I've filed a complaint with the leasing office and the management office several times and they have told me they cannot change the time, frequency or location of the trash removal.

Baltimore, MD -

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Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Fairfax, VA

Very likely your complaint would be against the trash company if you filed a suit. Contact Attorney Peeples (use avvo to look her up) a MD attorney who can scope your issues down to (1) appropriate notice to LL in writing and (2) an actionable complaint if need be.

best of luck to you.

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