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Do I have legal recourse against a company selling a vegan pizza that turned out to have dairy cheese?

Englishtown, NJ |

-I'm a strict vegan
-Company makes vegan and non-vegan products
-The product I purchased is supposed to contain vegan non-dairy cheese, I have purchased it before
-I just opened up the box and it contains dairy cheese

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  1. And your injury is what exactly?

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  2. no
    Were you injured? Did you even eat the pizza? You are entitled to a refund.
    By the way, vegan pizza should be illegal--but that's my personal opinion.

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  3. If you did not eat the pizza, yo are limited to getting a refund. Contact the company that makes the pizza and complain. You might get some copons.

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  4. I'm not sure if a lab tested it, or this is your belief.

  5. If you have no injury, you have no case. You can get a refund, but with no injury, you are spinning your wheels.

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  6. You could sue under the consumer fraud act for three times the value of the pizza. Maybe get all vegans together who have eaten this accidentally and institute a class action. Probably not worth it. I'd call them up and demand a refund. If you make a big enough stink, I'm sure they will oblige.

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