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Do I have grounds for a lawsuit against my condo association?

Cedar Rapids, IA |

I have owned this condo for 12 years. The first 2.5 I lived there then moved and used it as a rental property. The neighbors didn't like me when I lived there, and really hated that I was renting my unit. The association is small, just 12 units. When a new board pres was elected, it took 2 years but he got enough votes to change the bylaws so I could no longer rent my unit after threatening legal action if I got a new tenant while they were preparing the vote. So, I put it on the market. I am so close to closing and the "president" is doing everything he can to cause problems. He told the buyer when called for insurance info that he should be careful bc I had drug dealers living there previously. And now won't sign off on the sale bc I am keeping one of the 2 garages that are included.

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If you have an attorney representing you in this transaction, likely a "friendly" word from him or her to the president would settle him down. (If you do not have an attorney, hire one. I know CR is one of those areas where some real estate agents try convince people they do not need attorneys and will "take care of" getting the documents prepared, but that is a rant for another day.) I am not sure I know what you mean when you say the buyer will not sign off on the sale. Is the buyer reluctant to sign a purchase agreement? Is there a valid purchase agreement signed, and the buyer is refusing to close? I would also suggest you ask your attorney about keeping one of the garages. In most cases this would not be allowed under the declaration, bylaws, ordinances, or all three.

For more information: By the very nature of Avvo, you have only provided limited facts and no documentation, therefore, our response to your question is treated only as a hypothetical, and as such it is merely general in nature. You should not rely on this response in taking or forgoing action in your circumstances without discussing this matter with an attorney. If we had the opportunity to ask you sufficient questions and review relevant documents so that we were satisfied we had all of the relevant facts and circumstances, our response might differ significantly. Without the opportunity to ask you questions, and review all relevant documents and memoranda, we are simply unable to provide any form of legal advice. Our response to your question does not create any attorney-client relationship between us, and we are not acting as your attorney. We reserve the right to decline representation in any case. By answering your question, we are under no obligation to answer further questions. There are very specific deadlines for filing a lawsuit, replying to a lawsuit filed against you, or taking other action in order to preserve your legal rights. You should contact an attorney immediately in order to be fully advised of your rights, and so that you are aware of those deadlines. If you fail to act within the required time frame, you might be forever barred from asserting your rights or defending your position. The attorney answering this question is licensed in Illinois and Iowa only.

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