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Do I have Grandparents rights?

Columbus, OH |

I have had My Granddaughter Living in my home on and off her entire life, Just this past 3/21/14 ,I took Mommy to court because she abandoned her in My care for over a year and a half, I took her to and from school, made sure all of her needs were met, and have proof! When we went to court she asked for a continuence, Then called the police and took the child from me, the child hasn't been in school since, she is residing with a convicted felon with a Gun charge, and they are refusing me any contact with the child That has been living with me and My Husband for over a year and a half , and Mommy would go several months without even seeing her, The school where My Grandchild was attending has Never met Mommy, Do I Have a Case to at least get visitation??

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From the bare facts that you stated here, it sounds like you do. However, you need to consult with an attorney immediately to preserve all of your rights. I am sorry this has happened. Best of luck.

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To set a plan in place, hire an attorney and commence

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Sounds like it. When you went to court March 21st, you should have asked for an emergency custody but I have no clue what you or your attorney did if you had one. You may be able to get custody or you could do it by visitation. You don't have an attorney, at least consult one.

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