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Do I have enough social security credit if I have been in and out of jail?

Chickasha, OK |

I am 39 male and have PTSD. I am being treated for it both in and out of prison. I want to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance and Social Security Insurance, but I don't know how my time in prison will affect it. I worked when I was in prison. I have been in and out prison since 98. The times I was out of prison, I worked

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The Social Security Administration can answer your question best. The Service Representative at the window of your nearest district office (you may have to take a number and wait in line) can print out an earnings summary from their computerized record. For disability "insured status" you must have earned 40 "covered quarters" and 20 of them must have been earned in the 40 calendar quarters immediately preceding the onset of your disability.

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I agree with Ms. Sinclair. Contact your local office and they can see if you work qualifies you.

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You can alos get this information online. Go to and click on the tab for my Social Security (or click this link: ). Follow the directions to create an online account and get the information you want. If you printit off, most attorbeys will be willing to review it with you to decide if you have enough credits for SSDI. Remember that you do not need any creditsfor SSI, so you should file that claim right away if you think you have a claim - they use the month you file your claim to deide what benefits you are due.

Best of luck to you.

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