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Do I have any rights for an auto-parts theift that occured on the property of my apartment complex?

North Lauderdale, FL |

While on vacation, my tires and rims were stolen and my car was left on blocks. I had parked in a clearly marked space that was in front of my building in plain view. My rental agreement clearly states that no auto repairs are allowed on property.The violation happend mid-day according to eye witnesses; when there is a roaming security detail and multiple manitance personal present on property. Living there 6 years most know this is my car. The incident had not been reported, however a police patrol found the car and deemed it unsafe. The cops towed it resulting in greater damage. Not feeling safe, I would like to break my lease and then have the complex cover the costs of my $500 insurance deductable, car rental, and moving costs.

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I'm not so sure you are at the level of being able to break your lease yet unless this happens to be a common occurrence and the landlord knows of the issue. Since the theft occurred in the parking area, I would first ask the landlord to provide a copy of his insurance policy to determine potential coverage for your damages. What you are faced with (on the damages aspect) is more in line with the services of an attorney that handles plaintiff's insurance work.

Again, I'm not trying to discourage you that you can't break your lease, but the better option might be to talk with your landlord about this first and if you are still not satisfied, you might need counsel. Don't just presume you can break your lease. This could lead to more serious issues with the landlord.

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