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Do I have any recourse if someone plagiarized my work?

Phoenix, AZ |

I have a contract written by me over the last 18 years that I use for clients. I own an agency for Baby Nurses and when a Baby Nurse signs up with me I offer the contract for their use with the Clients.
About 4 months ago I had a Baby Nurse join the agency and she asked for the contract which I sent to her free of charge.
She took that contract and brought it to a lawyer and added a few legal words, and changed the basic structure (literally that is all she did). It is still very recognizable as the contract I sent to her. She (the lawyer) put this Baby Nurses copywrite on the contract and the Baby Nurse is selling the contract to others.
Do I have any legal recourse?

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Maybe. Depending on whether there was copying of protectable elements of your contract, you may have a civil claim for copyright infringement. If successful you could obtain an injunction to prevent her from using the infringing contract and monetary damages.

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