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Do I have any kind of case? Dental malpractice? Pain and suffering?

Anaheim, CA |

I went to the dentist & found that I have a lot of problems. They decided to take a molar out. I've had an extraction & root canal done perfectly fine. I got a different dentist this time. Since I had bad news I had been crying, I pulled myself together for the shots & procedure. He gave me 2 shots (usually I get 3-4) he put the tool in my mouth. I told him it felt cold, he said what? & I told him it felt cold like hot & cold. He got frustrated, shoved me back into the chair (I'm about 100-110lbs) put the tool in & pulled. I was crying, kicking myself out if the chair, screaming so loud the whole office heard telling him I could feel it & to stop. I had to physically push him off me & demand a new dentist who had to give me 3 Valium to relax enough to finish the procedure. ANYTHING???

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I do dental malpractice here in Florida and I can tell you these cases can be very tough.
Your lawyer will have your records reviewed by a dentist who is willing to serve as an expert witness.
A California lawyer is the only way to go.
You should be able to find one here. If not, please give us a call and we will help find you one.


It sounds like the dentist has poor bed side manner and is rude. Thankfully, it was a just a bad experience and you were able to get the procedure finished and there wasn't any further injury. You could pursue a case, but the damages you could recover would be very limited, if at all.


You would have to show the Dentist deviated from the standard level of care and because of his malpractice, you suffered additional damages. You usually need to hire another medical expert to make that opinion and it sometimes can be costly. These can be difficult cases. This Dentist clearly acted poorly, but the question still remains whether he committed malpractice. You should consult a local attorney to further investigate for you.


Worth a complaint to the state licensing board but probably not a lawsuit.


Have an Anaheim dental malpractice lawyer look into it

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