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Do I have a right to keep the contract as signed?

Florence, KY |

I traded a Malibu in at a local used car sale for a Mini Cooper on June 9th. They asked if it had been in any accidents, & I said I didn't know anything about the car's history, & then proceeded to give them the registration/VIN so they could Carfax the Malibu. Once they had the car appraised, they accepted the car at a value of $13,500. We signed the deal with a conditional delivery agreement (for me to get the title to the Malibu signed over within 40 days), & I left with my new car. June 13th they had me come into the dealership to fix a light on my car. Upon arrival, they informed me that my Malibu had a salvage title in MI but not in TN. They couldn't accept the trade in, & wanted me to pay $5k more since KY would brand the title as salvage. What are my rights? Is my contracted void?

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This one's a tricky one. First off did you buy the car in MI and title it in KY or did you buy it in KY with a clean title.

This makes a difference because if you were never on notice of this defect, then the auto dealer was in a better position to CarFax the title and registration than you, and did so; and accepted the car at a certain value. Unlike you, they are professional dealers.

Also I would be wary to believe anything they say. It could very well be being a spot sale or Bush contract or whatever you want to call it, a "yo yo" deal, it could be they could not get you the financing they promised and in turn decided to sock you for the cash difference instead to avoid the anti-Bushing laws.

Very hard to advise anyone without more facts.

My suggestion is that they want way too much more money to suggest this was a "mistake" they overlooked at the closing of the deal. Car dealers are way too shrewed to get skunked up front. That's where they make their money when they buy the car.

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