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Do I have a Product Liability claim or should I just get a new thermometer?

Holly Springs, GA |

I was burning off my "Name Brand" grill (several years old) yesterday & I turned off the burners with the lid down. It has a thermometer in the fold down cover (to measure the internal ambient temperature) that started to reduce in temperature when I turned off the burners. I was looking straight at the thermometer & the glass covering the thermometer exploded. I thought it was a gunshot. It felt like "shrapnel" hit my head/face/neck & I started bleeding. My wife was here & she fixed me up. I had a shard miss my jugular by about an inch. Fortunately I had my glasses on, otherwise, who knows what would have happened. I have 4 small cuts on my face & neck, the largest one is about a 1/2" long (on my neck). I did NOT go to the hospital as my wife is a senior in a Nursing College.

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  1. It is difficult to say whether there existed a defect in your grill without more information and an expert's review of the grill. Fortunately for you, you were not severely injured and walked away with only minor cuts. Unfortunately for your potential case, the lack of more significant damages will make it difficult to pursue the product defect case. These kinds of cases are typically quite expensive due to the necessity of hiring experts to investigate the defect, taking depositions of our experts and those of the manufacturer, etc.

    In the end, I would always recommend you speak with a personal injury attorney nearby who handles product liability cases, but know the high cost versus relatively low damages may make it difficult for any attorney to take the case. If you cannot find an attorney willing to take the case, you could and probably should still contact the manufacturer to report the problem. Perhaps they would be willing to compensate you in one form or another.

  2. Without investigation we can't know whether the a part of the kthermometer itself was defective or whether its design was defective or whether the location the manufacturer placed it on the grill was not in accordance with the thermometer's specs. , and so on. Clearly, some aspect or combination of aspects was wrong since thermometers should not explode in a users face. Fortunately, your injuries are not serious but you are still entitled to compensation for them. I advise getting your injuries medically documented before they heal. I advise preserving the defective thermometer and grill for use in legal proceedings. I advise you to speak with a product liability atty. for a free consultation to determine the viability of your case right away. Good luck.

    Disclaimer: This response is provided to you by attorney Robert G. Rothstein (404) 216-1422 for educational and informational purposes only.No attorney-client relationship has been created hereby. Other attorneys may have different opinions or responses. If you found this response helpful, please indicate Best Answer to Avvo. Thank you.

  3. More information is needed to evaluate. Have a local personal injury lawyer investigate

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