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Do I have a personal injury case?

Des Plaines, IL |

During a rafting trip at Shot Gun Eddy's on the Wolf River in Wisconsin, I jumped off of a cliff into the water. The water was too shallow and I hit the bottom. As a result I broke my tibia and dislocated my ankle. I needed to get surgery, have been in a cast for 6 weeks, and now need physical therapy.

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You should consult with an experienced WI personal injury lawyer and give this attorney all the facts concerning your situation. Also, be sure to locate and send any written waivers or releases you may have signed for the rafting company.


You chose to jump. Who do you think is responsible for your injuries? Please get the medical attention you need but you do not have a valid case against Shot Gun Eddy's.


You need to ask this question in WI, where you would bring suit. That said, under IL law, they may have had a duty to warn you of the shallow depths if they had reason to believe people cliff dived there.

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Tough case depending on how airtight their waiver form is.

It occurred I'm Wisconsin, so contact a Wisconsin attorney.

Stephen L. Hoffman
Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC
Chicago, IL

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Probably not. Get to a WI personal injury atty. asap.

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While we were successful in New York in holding the city 100% liable for two brothers diving off the Coney Island steeplechase pier and being rendered quadriplegic, there were "No Diving" signs that had been removed from the site and the city had notice of the missing signs. A WI attorney would have to opine on the duty to warn, as well as notice. The assumption of risk is the primary and most successful defense to diving accidents in New York. Again, a WI attorney would have to opine on an assumption of risk defense.

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Chen Kasher

Chen Kasher


That's some excellent litigating. How did you establish the missing signs and notice?

Andrew Lawrence Weitz

Andrew Lawrence Weitz


We actually found an unaired news tape of Betsey Gottbaum, who was parks commissioner at the time, blurting out the admission that she knew there should have been signs up. we also found some old holiday footage from members of the community showing the no diving signs in place on Memorial Day . accidents happened on Labor Day weekend. it was a combination of friends in the media, leg work and a little luck (community video).


I am very familiar with the place where you were injured.

1. You signed a waiver before Shotgun Eddy would accept payment; AND
2. There is a sign that warns against "jumping or diving off cliff."

You did a really foolish thing. People do jump off that cliff all the time, without incident. If you are off a few inches, you hit a granite shelf (which you did). Nobody was negligent except you. It is NOT possible for you to recover.

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