Do I Have A Med Mal Case In Tn? Initial Surgery 7/2010 Removal Of Kidney Due To Cancer, Spotless Xray Prior To Surgery,

Asked about 2 years ago - Murfreesboro, TN

Then Ct Scan After Surgery Shows 15 Mm Pin Like Density Foreign Object (AKA Clip Pin) Left Inside,Caused Peritonitis,Had 2nd Emergency Surgery Within The Following 24Hrs, The Dr's Lied&Didnt Mention The Pin Left Inside,Instead Said They Believed I Had A Bowel Obstruction&Asked For Permission To Go Back Inside,Also Telling Me I Would Likely Wake Up With A Colostomy Bag I Went From Having 1 Dr To Being Surrounded By Him,2 addl Dr's &Hospital Admin&Staff &the 3 Dr's Are Now Involved In The 2nd Surgery Have All Evidence,Test Results,Scans,Dr Reports, Etc&They All Contradicted Themselves&eachother in reports.Now,Over 2Yrs Later,I Have A Great Dr To Remove A Troubled Gallbladder&Aware Of My History He Becomes Extremely Disgusted in operation (3rd operation 10/2012) Due To Amt Of damage/Adhesions

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    Answered . In Tennessee, these claims must be brought within 1 year of the discovery of malpractice (or within 1 year of when a reasonable person would have discovered the malpractice) and, in all cases, no later than 3 years from the date of the alleged medical malpractice. Also, due to recent "tort reform" legislation, you must give notice per the statutory requirements at least 60 days before filing a lawsuit and also have a qualifying standard of care expert give a written statement certifying the merit of your claim prior to filing.

    You need to sit down with a local medical malpractice attorney ASAP if you think you might have interest in pursuing a case.

    Best wishes.

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    Answered . I'm sorry to hear about this, and this happens a couple thousand times a year to people. If a surgical tool or instrument is left inside of you, it is malpractice.

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    Answered . To be blunt, your query is somewhat confusing. I recommend you go sit down with a medical malpractice attorney and discuss your case. Don't go to some inexperienced lawyer who just wants to sue a doctor to make some money. Go to a qualified attorney who understands the legal requirements involved in a malpractice case. She or he will be able to suss out your presentation.

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