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Do I have a libel/slander case if a pediatrician who's exGF of my BF emailed my family and friends that I have a mental illness?

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The exGF of my BF is a pediatrician. She emailed my family, his friends and my friends claiming that she has observed that I have a mental illness. The email also contains other false accusations and specifically states that she has made these observations personally when I went to her house of holiday parties or her wedding. There are witnesses who who can state that I was completely normal, all smiles and your typical guest, socializing and enjoying the party. She also tried to call my family and friends. She did it to ambush me when my BF and I went to see a relationship therapist. Fortunately the therapist confirmed I had no mental illness and having read the email, agreed that it was inappropriate for her to make such a diagnosis. It has caused me emotional duress for 15 months

The exGF happens to be bipolar herself. She used her medical degree to support this slander. The emails were forwarded to me by my friends and family. I also belong to a club in the community and I know that several others have suddenly distanced themselves; people who should not know about these details and it rumors are not circulating about this beyond the people who received the emails. It is uncomfortable for me.

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  1. first, you should just ignore her. she is the ex and obviously unhappy. you have the relationship and should spend your time and money being happy. litigation, whether successful or not, is very expensive, stressful and ultimately could be detrimental to your happiness.
    you probably do not have a viable case anyway. that doesn't mean that there isn't some lawyer who will gladly take your money to sue her but in the end you will end up with a stack of legal bills piled on the emotional carnage that such litigation would cause. good luck, be healthy and happy!

  2. Defamation lawyers typically want a $5,000.00 retainer just to begin work, and cases frequently cost about $30,000.00. If a person has sustained a significant monetary loss, it could be a situation where the recovery exceeds the high costs. Contact a local lawyer in your state to discuss.

  3. 5 peculiar facts. She has a right to talk about her opinions but not a right to lie about your mental condition. I believe that this technically qualifies as slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress while in writing qualifies as libel and by her spoken words slander. You might want to report her to the Medical Board and consider filing a lawsuit and obtaining a Restraining Order against any such future conduct. If nothing else this may shut her up for awhile.


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