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Do I have a legal right to hear from my son daily at a reasonable time with split custody?

Lexington Park, MD |

My son's father and I have never been married. We tried once again to "work" on our family and then he turned around said he wanted his freedom from being tied down and so he got mad at me when I tried to clarify his decision. Well while we were working on things he allowed me more time with my son, mind you we have a custody agreement but it goes with my old work hours. With my new work hours I barely see him so we verbally agreed that I would have my son on my days off. Well now that he is mad at me because he doesn't want to be with me anymore he is resorting back to our custody order to which I will now have little to no time with my son, with a shared phys./legal custody order. He posted on fb about potty training, when I texted him to find out how he was doing with it he wont respond

we both agreed to talk about our sons wellbeing but he will not be nice to me over the phone or in person and yelled over the phone at me when I tried to talk to my son last night, when I asked him to be civil for our son's sake he hung up on me. I asked him about his potty training today and now he will not even text me or answer my calls. I was just wondering if as the mother with a split custody (no one is primary which is noted in the agreement) if I can call within a reasonable time daily to talk to my son. (he is now 2 years old) I work shift work and his father doesn't and he makes it seem like every time he gets mad he uses the custody order against me because of my new hours. I just want to talk to my son even if all he says is "hi mommy" or "I love you" that is all I want because I don't get to see him as much.

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  1. It may be in your best interest to attempt to modify the previous custody agreement due to the changes in circumstance. This would allow you more time with your son and prevent your son's father from holding the custody order over your head when he gets upset.

    Legal disclaimer: Mr. Tabaku may be reached at (240) 750-4663 or Mr. Tabaku is an attorney licensed in the state of Maryland. This answer is for general information only based upon the facts stated in the question and does not create an attorney client relationship between Mr. Tabaku or Tabaku Law Firm, LLC and any person. You should schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss the specifics of your legal issues.

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