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Do I have a good chance at beating this DWI case ?

Peterborough, NH |

With a herniated disk and roads getting icy , I was pulled over after being followed by a town cop into the next town . Said there were reports of me crossing the line . Being in a small truck at 6'8 " adding to all that it made it difficult to drive causing me to be shifting a lot . I blew a 000 and passed the field sobriety tests . After being asked to do a DRE and Blood test , I kindly told the cop " I have been respectful and compliant to your requests but I am done with this and I choose to stop with this complete non sense . . He told me he still believes I am impaired but not on alcohol and arrested me . I was stunned and angry but kept my calm . This officer has a very bad reputation with harassment and questionable charges . Please help !

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You should retain an experienced NH DWI attorney to represent you in your case.

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Too many variabl es involved in a a dwi defense to render an opinion here. Consult with an experienced dwi attorney to sit down and discuss the evidence or leack thereof.

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I agree with attorney blaska. With the new DWI laws that expands the types of products that can cause impairment ex: over the counter meds. You need to fight this and avoid having a DWI on your record.

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