Do I have a good case? I was reared ended by a drunk driver, in which my car was totaled as well as his. I have minor injuries.

Asked about 2 years ago - Atlanta, GA

I have a lawyer but would like to know generally speaking, how do the personal injury attorney determine initially what amount we're sueing for? This is a general question. I'm looking for a ballpark figure. What amount do a lawyer see upfront to determine to take the case.

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    Answered . If the person that hit you was DUI then they are liable not only for damages to compensate you for your injuries but also damages to punish him or punitive damages. The amount of those punitive damages depends on other factors such as whether the person had any DUIs in the past and his blood alcohol level. You should talk to your attorney about this. In the event you wish to contact me then I can be reached at 404 812 4300. Good luck.

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    Answered . You need to talk directly with your attorney, not AVVO site attorneys. Set up a meeting with your attorney.

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    Answered . It is impossible to give you a ballpark figure of what your claim is worth without know the extent of your injuries, your medical bills, your lost wages, and the facts of the incident.

    The above is just my opinion based upon the limited facts provided. It is not intended to be offered as legal... more
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    Answered . Its mostly estimated by the amount of your medical bills, injuries and pain suffering amongst other things.

    Check out my website below and give me a call for a free consultation if you are a California resident 877-427-... more
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    Answered . Generally you are entitled to past and future medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering caused by the collision. Without seeing your medical records and bills, wage loss information and knowing the impact on your quality of life, it would be difficult to give you even a rough estimate. Your lawyer should advise you on this.

    You may also be entitled to punitive damages since the man was DUI.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . Without knowing full details, I cannot give you any estimate. Even if you have minimal medical expenses and lost wages, and minor pain and suffering, your claim should have decent value based on your punitive damages (punishment claim). It's important to determine just how drunk the other driver was; was he transporting minor passengers; is it a first or second or third DUI; did the driver leave the scene; did he or she struggle with police or act abusively toward you; was the other driver on-the-job; did the collision occur in a crowded area or low speed zone; was he speeding, etc.

    Of course, ask your attorney how he or she assesses the value of your claim.

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