Do I have a claim against a movie theater where I tripped and fell on a step inside the theater and hit my head broke my glasses

Asked almost 2 years ago - Orange, CA

the movie theater was bright when I walked in and suddenly went dark when the movie began and I didn't see the change in elevation.

Additional information

I received a cut in my eyebrow and received hospital emergency room service.

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    Answered . Yes you could but the damages probably are minimal.

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    Answered . Most likely, so get your head checked out, and have a local personal injury lawyer investigate.

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    Answered . This would be a difficult claim to establish. Negligence depends on proving that something was fundamentally unsafe, a violation of a building safety code, or statute,. Your claim would be offset because some of the fault will be attributable to your conduct.

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    Answered . Its possible. But if your only damage is the broken glasses and a brief headache this will be a good matter to pursue through small claims - if you are unsuccessful in making a claim with the movie theater insurance carrier.

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    Answered . It would depend on the level of assumption of risk, since your injury claim is going to be evaluated based on your whether your conduct was the cause of the accident. The theatre's level of care to avoid unreasonable risk of harm has to be measured. More facts need to be known to determine if their was negligence in the construction of the steps or if any responsibilities were neglected by employees. Speak with a personal injury attorney if your injuries are major, or alternatively, consider filing a small claims suit if they are minor.

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    Answered . That is a tough case! Going to a movie, you should be hypersensitive to the environment. We're they negligent for turning out the lights to start the movie? I would need more details but sounds tough!

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  7. Answered . Did the steps have lighting?

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