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Do I have a case for defamation or lost wages?

Kansas City, MO |

I work as a server at a restaurant in downtown Kansas City. Yesterday when I went in for my shift, I was greeted by 6 member of our corporate office. They took me aside for nearly two hours asking vague questions, for the most part. What they finally got to was that an anonymous letter came in saying I slept with my GM. This is absolutely not true. I've only even seen him once outside of work, at a work function. I had to sign a document stating I wouldn't discuss this with anyone, but they sat me down in the restaurant in plain site, so all of my co-workers have been hounding me about it since. Today I was told not to come in for my shift and head to the corporate office today causeing me to lose out on the much needed money I would make again. Do I have any type of case here?

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Maybe. I like to provide substantive answers when possible, but this is one that really requires you to seek the advice of a local employment attorney in your area. More development of the facts is necessary to provide an opinion. Having said that, I can say that in a hypothetical situation such as you describe, the possibility of discrimination or even harassment based upon your gender is a possibility. For example, if you were disciplined over this, but the GM was not, that could be the result of gender discrimination. There is also a tort that in many jurisdictions is called "interference with contractual relations," and the anonymous provider of this accusation could be liable for that, or defamation, again depending upon facts that are not readily apparent in your question. I strongly recommend that you discuss these issues with an attorney in your area. Best, Jim

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There is something real "shady" going down here.
You REALLY need to see an attorney to discuss this
as he/she can ask more pertinent questions of you.
There could be defamation and harassment charges
along with other claims. I also question the "letter"
you HAD to sign. You should have told them that
you'll have your attorney REVIEW this document BEFORE
you sign it and asked for a copy to show attorney. Never
let management "bully" you into signing anything. Good luck!!!


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