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Do I have a case for defamation?

Pittsburgh, PA |

I rece'd a voice mail message from my soon to be ex-sister in law falsely accusing me of opening correspondence addressed to her that was brought home from school by her son to give to her. I did not open this correspondence and told her so but she continues to accuse me including going through her son's bookbag each day to retrieve and read information meant for her. I have ordered a CD recording of this voicemail as well as have written an email to the school authorities to confirm my suspicions that this correspndence was initally addressed to them, THEY opened it, saw it was for my sister in law and then sent it home with the child. The children live with my brother and I am there caregiver before and after school until my brother arrives home from work.

My sister in law has told my brother this accusation as well as others. Do I have a potential case or not?

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Defamation cases are hard fought and not easy to prove. Whether being accused of opening correspondence from a school (as opposed to opening a letter sent by U.S. mail) is even defamatory is seriously open to question. Rather than getting involved in a lawsuit that no attorney in his right mind would take on a contingency, why not resolve things directly with your brother and ex-sister law by putting the burden on them - if you don't stop the accusations immediately, I'm not going to be the caregiver for your son and my nephew.

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